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Beauty salon

Beauty salon

Beauty salon

Dental laboratory

The school performs education programs for four different professions:

  • pharmaceutical technician
  • beauty therapist
  • laboratory technician
  • dental technician

The students generally enter the school at the age of 15, after finishing the nine-year primary education. The education lasts for four years for all the four professions. Approximately 60 % of the whole curriculum (4780 hours in four years) is covered by general subjects  (mother tongue, foreign language, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, history, psychology, art, PE ), and 40% by vocational subjects and practical education. The students finish their education by taking the national school-leaving exam, consisting of four subjects.

After finishing their secondary education the students can start working or they can continue their studies at colleges of higher vocational education. They can also enter university programs if they match the additional requirements of the individual faculties.

The school also cooperates with the companies and institutions where our students get their jobs. They enable our students to get acquainted with their future working environment, and they offer the school their facilities to perform practical education and working practice.

The education process at school is being carried out in modern classrooms, specialized rooms and well equipped laboratories. Two school dental surgeries provide the students opportunities to make dental appliances for patients.

Microbiological laboratory

Pharmaceutical laboratory

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