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Welcome to our library.

In our library we keep more than 20,000 books, e-books and are subscribed to 60 journals. About 800 new books are purchased every year, primarily textbooks and reference books for teachers and students.

Textbook fund

In the previous academic year 70 % of students borrowed textbooks. They could choose the whole set of textbooks or only some of them for the current school year. The ordered textbooks were supplied to students on the first school day.

Educational activities in the library

Individual visits

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I help students and teachers to select appropriate library material. It has been noticed that number of readers is diminishing due to the fact that students read less and less. Every day about 70 students come to the library, but they prefer computers to books. There are three computers in the library along with a colour printer and a scanner. Students search for library stocks in our library and elsewhere using OPAC.

Electronic information resource literacy

The teaching objective of the school library is functional literacy which includes search strategies and information retrieval.

Bibliopedagogy in the library

Biology lessons take place in the library. Students learn to write reports and seminar works. E-teaching materials can be found on the school’s web site. I cooperate with Slovenian language teachers in giving instructions on composition.

Research activity

The assistance in composition of seminar thesis represents a great deal of my research activities. Students are advised to use the publication How to Compose and Present a Research Thesis that is available also on the school’s site. I help researches in information retrieval and composition. I edit research thesis as well.

Reading literacy

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Students are invited to join reading badge. Each student reads five books according to his preference. They represented their selection in the library, following by ranking it in the literary frame and discussing the moral dilemmas of heroes in the every day life. The discussions were pleasant with seven students participating in this activity.


Parents and students visit the library during the information day. Every year I prepare some materials on the library. Parents are interested in textbook fund that has unfortunately become the main activity of the library.


Many our students come from other parts of former Yugoslavia. Last year 9 students immigrated. I organize a 70 hour course of the Slovenian language for non-Slovenian speakers within the project Teaching the Slovenian Language for Speakers of Slovenian as the Second Foreign Language. Due to diverse degree of language knowledge students are first given individual lectures. These lectures are dedicated to intercultural education and individual instructions in essay writing.

Project I Grow with a Book

Every year first grade students visit the Ljubljana City Library. They learn about library work, collections and reading activities. Each student receives a book as a gift.

Project Healthy School

Students visit National Institute of Health where they present cases with different titles. I teach students to prepare oral presentation.

Leonardo da Vinci

I participate in the programme Leonardo da Vinci. Visitors could join a 10-hour course of the Slovenian language and literature.

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